Breathe easier with Charlotte Air Duct Cleaning.  You want your home to be a healthy environment for your family. The quality of your indoor air quality plays a large role in creating your healthy home.

Trust our certified expert air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning services to:

  • Remove harmful bacteria, dust particulates, dust mites, pet dander, skin dander, pollen,  lint and many other contaminates from your air ducts and dryer vents.
  • Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte

    Air Duct Cleaning Charlotte

    Help reduce symptoms of asthma, allergies, headaches, and other respiratory conditions.

  • Improve the efficiencies of your HVAC system and dryer, potentially lowering your energy bill.
  • Increase dryer efficiencies and reduce potential liabilities by thoroughly cleaning out the dryer vent system.
  • Promote a cleaner, healthier indoor air (IAQ) environment that helps your whole family breathe easier.


Why Should I Clean My Air Ducts?

According to NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association), air duct cleaning should be conducted every two or three years for a healthier home. However, homes with pets or children with allergies should have their air ducts professionally cleaned more frequently than the recommended average.

Your home’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is important, and having a clean, properly functioning heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system is vital to maintaining a clean healthy and comfortable living environment.

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In addition, a newly cleaned air duct system runs more efficiently than a dirty one, resulting in lower utility bills and a cleaner, less dusty home.

Charlotte Air Duct Cleaning

Charlotte Air Duct Cleaning

Our air duct cleaning technicians check for dust, dirt, pollen, animal dander and other airborne contaminants that are pulled into your HVAC system every time the furnace or air conditioner runs. Over time, they build up inside your ductwork, making your air duct system a breeding ground for mold spores, bacteria, fungus, mildew and other microbes, which are then re-circulated through your home, impacting the health and comfort of your family.

Those who suffer from allergies, asthma or other respiratory ailments, especially children and the elderly, are vulnerable to the effects of indoor air pollution.

As a result, most health experts agree on the health benefits of proper, and regular, air duct cleaning.

Charlotte Air Duct Cleaning specially certified technicians have the training and experience to remove harmful contaminants from your home. Our vacuum compressor system pulls air duct pollutants into a contained filtration system so efficiently that it is capable of capturing debris 1/300th the diameter of a human hair removing all harmful pollutants creating a healthy clean environment.


How Does Air Duct Cleaning Work?

While most homeowners have heard about duct cleaning at some point or another, the majority are simply unfamiliar with the procedure. In order to determine whether or not duct cleaning services will be worth your money, it is pertinent to better familiarize yourself with the process. Charlotte Air Duct Cleaning offers comprehensive duct cleaning, so we can successfully extract all of the dirt and debris from your duct network. Some companies will not offer full-scale services and they may leave debris behind.


The Process

Air Duct Cleaning in Charlotte

Air Duct Cleaning in Charlotte

Once you’ve agreed to use our air duct cleaning service, an expert will be dispatched to your home. Our team will block off all, but one, of your home’s vents. Then, they’ll create an access to your duct network. A vacuum cleaner will be connected to one end, while a blower will enter the new access point. The blower will push the dirt and debris towards the vacuum cleaner, which will remove it for good. Our procedure completely removes the dirt inside of the duct network, while simultaneously preventing the debris from spreading throughout your property.


First-Class Customer Service

Our customers come first. You’ll always get courteous, professional, responsive service from our customer service reps and cleaning service technicians. We’re not happy until you’re 100% satisfied with your service and results.

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Charlotte Air Duct Cleaning
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